• Introduction

The College of Law

Tunghai University’s Law Department was established in 1980. With leading Undergraduate, Master of Laws, and Ph.D degree programs, Tunghai Law School has becoming one of the top Universities for the study of law in central Taiwan. Reflecting the University’s drive to lead in the field of education, in August 2009, Tunghai University founded its eighth college - the College of Law.

This new College of Law will continue to build upon the close interaction between students and our nationally renowned faculty and make use of our state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, the College of Law provides a unique interdisciplinary study with hands-on legal clinics to sharpen our students’ foreign language proficiency and legal skills. In terms of academic research, several new centers have been established that focus on cutting-edge legal theories ranging from the law and economics, financial and banking law, and China’s legal and justice system. We encourage our faculty to be involved in innovative interdisciplinary research and our faculty have been recognized through their publications in many journal papers on the TSSCI list. The University’s close proximity to the Central Taiwan Science Park and Taichung Industrial Park’s further enrich our student’s and faculty’s outreach to the science and technology community as well as strengthen our intellectual property and corporate law programs. The goal of all of our efforts is to ultimately better prepare our students to become leaders in the field of Law.

Our Core Values:

I. To develop the minds of students in the study and practice of law through the continual enhancement of our University. 

II. To maintain a global view and maximized University Affairs through the integration of resources and knowledge. 

III. To excel in the education of students through the use of linguistic, cogitative, social, and humanitarian training. 


Instilled with the passion for education, Tunghai University College Of Law has become the only major academic legal research institute and the only legal references center in central Taiwan. In order to achieve the goal of education and to serve the public, we provide lectures and academic activities through the Student Bar Association and free legal services through our Ministry of Justice Legal Clinic.

The alumni of our department have risen to become leaders in communities around the world. At present hundreds of alumni serve as judges and lawyers and even more now serve as civil servants. The principles and values taught at Tunghai have therefore exteneded to all levels of our society. This is nowhere more evident than those alumni that help shape Taiwan’s legislation.